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Oxygen Ion Facial

1. Skin Analysis

Harnessing cutting-edge skin analysis technology, we discern individual skin needs and precisely target areas that demand specialized attention. 

Facial at Papillon Bleu Aesthetics

2. Ionized Water

Experience the transformative benefits of ionized water, promoting a rejuvenated, plump, and hydrated skin appearance. Effectively addressing fine lines and wrinkles, our innovative solution enhances your complexion for a more youthful and radiant look.  

3. Suction with customized solutions 

Revitalize your skin with our suction technology, featuring three targeted solutions for dry, acne-prone, and oily skin. Experience a deep pore cleanse, tailored care for diverse skin types, and effective exfoliation and extraction to eliminate sebum and buildup.

Facial at Papillon Bleu Aesthetics
Facial at Papillon Bleu Medical Aesthetic Centre

4. RF Head Massage

Specialized RF head, seamlessly paired with the application of hyaluronic acid. This unique combination delivers a rejuvenating facial massage, promoting skin tightening, stimulating collagen production, and ensuring optimal hydration.

5. Ultrasonic Heads for Cellular Renewal

Featuring two ultrasonic heads, one with a cooling effect, our device stimulates cellular renewal for even skin tone, increased circulation, and effective puffiness reduction for a refreshed and revitalized appearance 

Facial at Papillon Bleu Aesthetics
Facial at Papillon Bleu Aesthetics

6. LED Light Therapy 

Experience targeted skincare with optional LED light therapy, harnessing specific wavelengths for various skin concerns. Blue light penetrates the skin, combating bacteria without harm to surrounding tissue. Red light reduces inflammation, while green light effectively addresses issues like rosacea by soothing affected areas. Yellow light stimulates red blood cell production, promoting skin healing and rejuvenation.

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